Rahasia Jonathan Stroud

23 oktober 2008

How to become a published writer?

Dari situsnya Jonathan Stroud, ini kutipan dari sesi wawancaranya:

How do I become a published writer?

There’s no hard and fast rule about how to get published, and most writers experience rejections and disappointments before they succeed. I think the key things are:

  • Practise: Write as much and as often as possible.

  • Experiment: Try as many different kinds of writing as you can.

  • Read: As above – as much and as widely as you can.

  • Persevere: (i.) Don’t be disheartened by ideas and projects that don’t work out. I’ve got zillions of half-finished things in boxes, assembled over many years. Individually they may not have been any good, but together they pushed me in the right direction.

    (ii.) When you’re confident you’ve got something worth showing, send your material to several publishers at once, so you don’t waste time if it’s rejected. But check to make sure these publishers actually do the kind of book you’re proposing! Don’t worry if you get rejections, but listen to any advice.

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